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My ARTWORK Has been unscouted again... Please take a look...

Fookin' newgrounds

I've been fucking unscouted again!


2009-08-27 23:45:46 by danelms

Woo hoo! I've finally been scouted :) Please keep an eye out for new work.


A huge thanks to l3pra for scouting me^^



2009-08-23 20:29:33 by danelms

Hey. Fairly happy.
Please check out the pics. Apparently until I'm scouting I've reached my limit... So. Recommend me. Or scout me...



The Art Portal

2009-07-31 17:26:29 by danelms

Haha. Really getting the hang of this site now, I hope you noticed the new banner :P
Done entirely with a laptop touch pad I might add :)
And the art is coming along fantasticly compared to how I thought people would react.
Thanks to everyone that's been there :)

And especially, to my lovely girlfriend, who lent me her hardware,
and who's comments were a real inspiration to keep going^^
Love you baby x

The Art Portal

Art Portal

2009-07-29 10:32:50 by danelms

Hey everyone :)
My artwork is coming along rather well, and I'm really happy with the feedback I've been getting.
Please check out My Work and tell me what you think! :)

All creative criticism is appreciated. Flaming will be removed.

Art Portal

art Submissions

2009-07-23 10:33:19 by danelms

Hello everyone, as my loving Girlfriend has decided to lend me her Graphics Tablet [God bless her]
And as I'm getting mine relatively soon, I shall be posting my best attempts at art into the portal, and only the ones I think anyone would really be interested in will be posted.

I have posted one already, I'm still getting used to art using a computer, and hope you enjoy my zombie. He's not too good though.